Sugar Stevie Ray

Sugar Stevie Ray Say do you dare to walk out with me Leave this place of misery Say do you feel it is time to let go Don’t hold on to history Is the ink on your skin There forever Is that look in your eyes Never ending Do you

Dove’s Call

Morning’s blue hour Slowly awakening While listening to your call Feels like a dream But we are awake together Do you know that I’m listening? Memories relive A sound so familiar, it’s Mesmerizing me The rhythm of your call Is taking me back to that place Quiet and pure That’s

Rise and Fall

Oh, the day has let you down Your smile is just a frown Making your way through the rain No one listens to your song Though it seemed so strong You might feel that all is in vain Adversity takes over You seem to be caught short You stand before


I still feel your warmth Glowing deep inside Boiling water in my cup Sugar’s melting Vision clear and pure Something magical Come to me with your spring air Take my breath away Natural Watch me fall Human nature’s call Natural Watch me fall Your bewitching call Dreamer take my hand

Alphabet of You

No one had asked if you could play this part It took some time for you to win my heart I read your stories and feel close to you Although I know you’ve traveled far away You have seen me growing up slowly You consoled me, choosing the right words

In this Green Field

In this green field I sit and think of you For a little while, no need to wonder why The road looks empty, but I can see you walking by I feel you near me, I’m not sure where you are Can you hear me sigh, as ladybugs fly by


This day seems like nothing new But I know something has changed I can feel we’re getting closer It’s so strong that I don’t want to hide Lay your hands upon my eyes Block my ears, stop my sighs I still see, I still hear I still breath the love


I’m telling you I don’t need to hear your excuse I think I know where you’re going, I have been there before It isn’t hard to see you’d love to love me But the mirrorman says: no excuse The mirrorman says: cut it loose You and me, we used to

Keep on Walking

Keep on walking, with these shoes Walking, walking Keep on talking, on the phone Talking, talking Keep on driving, in your car Faster, faster Keep on reaching for the stars Looking through my window People walk to find their goal Don’t you feel how time is passing by? We move,

Everlasting Springtime

Cycling the city, early May It’s shining bright Wind blowing through my hair sunshine fills my glass Spring is taking over Peaceful, quiet Your golden lining One glass of sun, no sugar Only for you, my darling Cocktail of spring, on the rocks Coming your way One glass of sun,

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