Het Financieel Dagblad: A clear, fresh voice

A clear, fresh voice drifts out of the speakers into the room. Where’s it coming from this time? Another new Dutch talent? Yes, it certainly is!  Anne Chris is the name of this new star with a music conservatory training. The numbers on Tomorrow is Today are not particularly well known; six of them she wrote herself.
It’s a great pleasure to listen to Chris and praise is also due to the members of her band. Pianist Marcus Olgers, guitarist Wim Bronnenberg and bass player Cord Heineking spread a beautiful musical tapestry before us. And soloists like Ruud Breuls on flugelhorn and the young Tineke Postma on alt add yet another musical dimension.  You’ve never heard of Anne Chris before? That’s quite possible because this is only her first CD, although you wouldn’t think so.
Hans Dijkstal