Sugar Stevie Ray
Anne Chris is currently busy writing songs for her new album. She’s writing with the very talented musicians she has worked with the last few years. The songs will turn out to be a broad mixture of pop, folk, soul & classical music. Each song demands a different approach and different musicians.
The first single ‘Sugar Stevie Ray’ is already recorded and will be released in 2017 on Valentine’s day (14th of February), combined with a video directed by Nisha Tara, featuring Afke Reijenga and the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

‘Songs of the Sea and the Land’ European Union Quartet featuring Anne Chris

The Manchester based jazzquartet European Union Quartet and Dutch vocalist Anne Chris were strongly inspired by each others music and felt the urge to create a new common sound. It emphasizes on the melodic and free approach which characterizes both the Quartet’s and Anne Chris’ music. A love for combining accessible melodies with more complicated harmonies and rhythms and the strongly felt need to express themselves in their music, the Brittish and Dutch musicians came up with a new thrilling set of refined jazz and poptunes. The music and lyrics are inspired by the characteristics of the nature of the North-West and the Netherlands and their nearness to the sea.

European Union Quartet

Based around Manchester, UK the group consist of versatile players from all over Europe: Iman Spaargaren (saxophones, bass clarinet, NL), Ulrich Elbracht (guitar, D), Gavin Barras (double bass, UK) and Marek Dorcik (drums, SK). ‘The Dark Peak’ released on the Dutch record label OAP Records is available worldwide.
‘Intense interplay and freedom to express individual ideas’ (Jazzenzo).

‘EU4: a great young band with a warm, acoustic sound, a sensitive dynamic awareness and an engaging repertoire of fresh, tuneful, contemporary compositions. The band members have gigged-in their ensemble playing well and it shows: their performance has a relaxed and confident air, yet sounds fresh every time and is destined to reach out to audiences far beyond their continent’ (Steve Mead, Artistic Director, Manchester Jazz Festival, UK).

‘The melodies played by saxophone and guitar in unison create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere, which is worked out in tasteful improvisations of both soloists and is accompanied by a strong rhythm section’ (Muziekwereld Review).

‘Elbracht is lovely and limpid; Spaargaren is pure-toned and keeps his power in check. In all, a finely judged mix of freedom and restraint’ (City Life Album Review).

From 2008 on, the group has been playing extensively in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. They played o.a. at the Manchester International Jazz Festival.

Music from the album ‘The Dark Peak’ is available on Soundcloud.